Girls Rock London believes that joy is a revolutionary force. We improve young people’s self-esteem through empowering them to make music, take up space, try new things, work together and make noise

Right now, one in four teenage girls in the UK is depressed. Self-harm is on the rise, and more than one in four trans young people have attempted to commit suicide. And young people’s mental health has continued to deteriorate since the epidemic began.


At our music camps, young people come together to learn an instrument, form a band, write a song and perform it at a gig…in just six days. Parents have told us that our camps are truly life-changing for their children.

We can’t work face-to-face with young people this year, but the pandemic is not going to stop us. Instead, we are bringing this work into young people’s homes. We’re sending out musical care packages to 100 young people across London, creating and delivering new digital programming, and giving support to those who need help.

But young people in our community face an uncertain future, with the impact of Coronavirus set to unfold for years to come. Poor mental health, educational learning loss, hunger and homelessness are just some of the issues facing the most vulnerable young people and their families.

**That's where you come in - to continue to adapt our work and support young people who need us the most, Girls Rock London needs your help. Please help us deliver our work with a one-off or monthly donation today.**

Girls Rock is a fantastic initiative and opportunity for young women to learn and enjoy rock music. In just a week, my daughter got to be in a girls rock band, create music, and meet new friends. The volunteers are truly awesome and passionate about what they do, creating a welcoming and supportive environment. There are so few of these accessible programmes left for young people with so many cuts to the arts - so I really urge you to donate to keep this going!”