Thierry Noir donates iconic DJ painting to GRL

Thierry Noir Perfect Light Over The Dancefloor (180cm by 180cm, 2023)

“Music is my inspiration.
Just like art, music can change the world”
– Thierry Noir

Girls Rock London is delighted to announce that the iconic Berlin artist Thierry Noir has generously donated a painting titled Perfect Light Over The Dancefloor to GRL for auction by Christie’s on 17 October in London. The painting is a key piece in Noir’s latest exhibition at Christie’s titled ‘Techno’. Techno is an immersive music-inspired installation organised in collaboration with London’s legendary fabric nightclub. Measuring just under two by two metres, Perfect Light Over The Dancefloor is a monumental example of Noir’s iconic style developed in the 1980s on the Berlin Wall. With funds from Thierry’s generous donation we’re able to support more girls, trans and non-binary young people to find their creative voice and take up space, using the power of music and community.

“I have donated this painting to continue the energy to support a new generation of musicians”
Thierry Noir

Girls Rock London would like to thank Thierry Noir for this incredible donation.

Thierry Noir with members of GRL at Christie’s in front of the painting at Christie’s.

Thierry Noir

Born in Lyon in 1958, Noir first made his name as an artist after moving to Berlin in 1982, attracted by the city’s underground community of avant-garde artists and musicians, the punk rock bands of the German new wave, acid house and techno. Credited as being the first artist to entirely paint the stark concrete surface of the Berlin Wall, by the time it fell in 1989 Noir had covered a staggering five kilometres of the deadly border’s span. Noir has always had a strong connection to music and was a musician himself in Berlin before turning to focus exclusively on his art career. In 1990 Noir famously collaborated with U2 on the Achtung Baby album colour and also painted a series of Trabants for the band’s ZOO TV world tour. More recently in London Noir has collaborated with DJ Seth Troxler and fabric.

Thierry Noir standing with his painting for GRL at his artist studio in Berlin