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Girls Rock London (GRL) is an award-winning charity based in Hackney. We provide high-quality music programming for young and adult women, trans, and non-binary people, with a specific focus on increasing access for people who face barriers to participation.

  • Our vision is of a world where girls, women, trans, and non-binary people are powerful and can achieve their potential.
  • Our mission is to amplify their voices through music-making and community-building.

Our programmes are aimed at complete beginners as well as experienced musicians, and we work closely with
community partners to respond to the needs of young people experiencing multiple and intersecting
disadvantage. We aim to demystify music-making, challenge gender inequality in the music industry and wider
society, and provide safe, nurturing and joyful environments in which people can develop musically, personally
and socially.

We are active members of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, a international network of youth-centered arts and
social justice organisations.



Our core delivery team is an international group of experienced educators, musicians and industry professionals.

Karin Grönkvist

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Laura Whitticase

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Jodi M Burn
Jodie M Burn
© Photo by Jen Doveton
Jodi M Burn is a UK based musician, educator and event organiser. As a musician they have played drums and bass with bands such as Colour Me Wednesday, Personal Best and BYENARY on studio recordings, international tours and festivals including Kendal Calling and Madrid Popfest and support slots for Propagandhi, Lemuria and Juliana Hatfield. As an educator they have taught music privately and run group music workshops for beginners for 5 years, deliver training on LGBT+ issues to youth organisations and volunteer as a youth worker with Gendered Intelligence and The Proud Trust. As an organiser they have co-run First Timers Fest, organised DIY shows in London and Brighton and co-ran Synth Punk Fest at DIY Space for London for 3 years. Jodi started with Girls Rock London as a volunteer Drum Tutor and Band Coach in the 2018 and 2019 camps and has since joined the organising team to focus on programme delivery, international collaboration and trans inclusivity.

GRL! Trustees

Rox Horton

Lorna Gemmell

Maria Turley

Daisy Swift

Grace Veenman


GRL! is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers -
thank you to you all!
If you would like to volunteer for GRL!
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Support us

Get Involved! Girls Rock London! very much welcomes the support and contributions of volunteers and community members. If you want to get involved in an exciting project giving young women and trans youth in London a voice, these are some of the ways you can help:


We need volunteers to help us deliver our programmes, teaching instruments, coaching bands, moving equipment, runing workshops and helping with events adminstration. All our roles at camp are for women, trans and gender nonconforming folk, but everyone is welcome to help out in non-camp roles


We are a small team committed to providing free and subsidised activities for people with limited financial resources. You can help by raising money, or – if you are a band or musician – by performing in a fundraiser.


We need electric guitars and basses, drum kits, amps and keyboards – either as a contribution or a loan. We also need ways of storing and transporting equipment before, during and after our programmes.

If you can help with any of the above, please get in touch; we would love to hear from you!



We are hugely grateful to all our supporters

None of our work would be possible without the generous support of our partners, funders and sponsors.

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    I came to camp thinking I was going to learn more about an instrument; what I really learned was how much potential I had as a musician and how it increased through collaboration.

    Adult participant

    It was the most exhilarating and inspiring weekend of my life. I never want this feeling to end. I just want to keep creating and performing music.

    Adult participant

    I love what GRL is and its morals and values; I’ve never seen an organisation/programme strive to be so inclusive. I’m literally in awe

    Youth Participant

    I have struggled to find the words to express how grateful and inspired I am by the Girls Rock London team and how much the experience meant to me. If I was an economist I’d lay out the investment and return as unparalleled. I have never been in an environment as supportive, encouraging and uplifting as that at GRL. I think I’ve learnt more about music and creativity than any music or art class in the formal education system. Every member of the team blew me away with their approachability, friendliness, knowledge and skill, encouragement and guidance.

    Adult Participant

    GRL has always given me such great experiences and opportunities. I really appreciate what you and all of GRL do and it has really boosted my confidence and helped me learn so many new things that I don’t think I would have been taught anywhere else.

    Youth Participant

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