Help girls rock out this summer and for years to come!!

Running our summer camp takes A LOT of equipment. We are talking seven each of PAs, bass and guitar amps, synthesisers, drum kits, drumpads, 30 microphones – not to mention all the little bits we need like cables, mic stands, picks, electrical tape… the list goes on. And on.

Every year we source this gear from sponsors, the community, or by buying stuff we can’t borrow. We do this because we want to provide the highest quality musical programme we can for the young people we work with, many of whom have no other access to meaningful musical experiences.

Our dream is to own our own musical equipment. This would transform how we operate, by saving money as well as precious volunteer hours searching for gear each time we put on a camp.

So this month we are inviting our supporters to help make this dream a reality for this summer camp, and for all the camps we plan to run in the months and years to come.

Help us change girls and trans youths’ lives.

Buy an item from our WishList: