GRL Summer Project – The Roundup

🌱 This summer Girls Rock London designed and delivered a completely new project, engaging over 100 young women and trans youth in Hackney and the rest of the UK.

This summer we:

  • Sent out over 100 musical care packages to young people, including The GRL Guide to Creativity and Wellbeing created especially for the project. This was to encourage the use of creativity as a tool for wellbeing during Lockdown and to create a virtual community for the young people who signed up.
  • Curated resources shared weekly during the summer holidays, including 12 podcasts, 20 ‘how-to’ videos about music production, craft, songwriting and dance, links to projects around youth activism, mental health and well-being and online safety, and artwork created by the young people on the project.
  • Provided tech resources for young people who needed them to access the project, including 11 sets of headphones, computer equipment and a smart phone.
  • Secured free lifetime access to Ableton and Ampify software for the young people on our project.
  • Facilitated an end-of-project zoom call with young people to virtually meet each other, share artwork and watch an exclusive performance by Nadia Javed from The Tuts.

All of this was provided 100% FREE to the families of young people participating in the project.

The way the GRL community and supporters mobilised over the summer to create, deliver and power this project was as always incredibly inspiring and empowering, and we’re excited about how we can continue to use the resources and learning from this period going forward.

We are grateful to Arts Council England and Youth Music for funding our summer project.

If you’d like to support our ongoing work with girls and trans youth, you can do so by donating via our website here.

Read more about it and download the GRL Guide to Creativity and Wellbeing.


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